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Clean-Boardz - Style

Post by Dan Stylez » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:40 pm

Clean-Boardz - Style:
This is a clean style looking style which has had a lot of time put into making sure it still looks good even on 300px phone screens.

Style Details:
Name: Clean-Boardz
Author: Dan Stylez
phpBB Version: 3.2.3
Template Inheritance: No
Alternative Colour Style Sheets: 10
Validation Status: Not Yet Submitted
Previously Validated: Yes, for phpBB 3.2.2
Changes To Previously Validated Version: Yes, listed below.

Detailed Changes From phpBB 3.2.2 Version:
• 9 Extra colour style sheets.
• Favourites icon removed.
• New icon set.
• Global announcement icons and PM icons added.
• Slight adjustment to the default blue colour.
• Post background colour changed slightly.
• Forum rules background adjusted.
• Online and offline images changed to icons next to username to allow bigger avatars.
• Control panel backgrounds added to make it stand out more.
• Post formatting button colours slightly changed.
• Improved poll view in topics.
• Poll title and quick reply title font sized changed.
• Subscribe forum button moved from navbar to a box next to forum display options box, like the subscribe topic button.
• Couple of slight improvements to the view on smaller screens.
• Clock icon added next to time zone in the bottom navbar.
• Post links and signature links adjusted.
• Signature changed to inline block so that it doesn't be to close to attachments.
• Notifications drop down box improved.
• Logo changes to a smaller version on small screens.
• Quick style guide updated to show members how to change the logos.

To Do List:
• Finish making it RTL compatible.
• Possibly change it to template inheritance.

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